Barbara Yager
Your Balanced Life Expert 

Mentor and Life Coach

“Your attachment to unhealthy people and bad habits, which offer you no real control, is why you’re spiritually dying and living a life out of balance.”

Shannon L. Alder

Live a Balanced Life Now

Are you ready to LIVE  a “Balanced Life?” 

Are you ready to find the keys to balance and purpose in your life? 

How do you know if you are lacking balance and purpose in life?

Let me ask you a couple of questions...

Do you feel well and strong...mentally, spiritually and physically?

Do you encounter frequent road blocks and set backs to your progress in life?

Do you wake everyday with a happy heart and knowing where you are going in life?

Are you living your life by your rules or are you living life by rules that don’t work?

Are you doing work you love and are clear why you are doing this work?

Do you follow your instincts and allow your strengths to guide your life?

Is your home a place of comfort and security where you find peace and rejuvenation?

Do you have loving relationships in your life?

If you answered “No” to any of these have found the right person to  help you to make some important changes. 

A “Balanced Life”  provides a foundation that is necessary to enjoy living life at the highest levels of happiness and achievement possible.   It is not hard to live a balanced life, but it takes knowing what Choices you have made at Soul level since your Soul has been traveling through time and eliminating the effects of any bad choices.

When you are living  “The Balanced Life” you can expect to experience:

  1. Greater Success in Life and Career

  2. Abundant Good Health and Wellbeing

  3. A Positive Self Image 

  4. The Ability to Live Life In the Moment

  5. A Connection to Your True and Authentic Life Purpose

  6.   Recognition and Use of Your Personal Strengths

  7.   Abundance in all aspects of life

I would be honored to share my Balanced Life Program™ with you to help you reach your maximum potential.  You can visit my Coaching Page for more details.

A “Balanced Life ” IS NOT AN ACCIDENT!