Barbara Yager
Akashic Record Interpreter

“When you know who you are at soul level you gain the power and knowledge to live a magical, balanced and happy life.”

Barbara Yager

Blast Through the Blocks in Your Life That are Holding You Back!

When you Know who you are at Soul Level and how to make choices that are are in alignment with your soul purpose... life gets easier and feels like magic

What will an Akashic Record Coaching give you?

You will find out....

Who you are...

You will get clarity about who you are at Soul Level and why knowledge of that information is so important and useful to you.

Where you are headed in life...

You will get clarity about your purpose for being here, understanding the bigger picture of YOU and if you are on the right track in life.  If you are not on the right track the records can help you get there.

Why you get off track...

You will learn what energetic blocks are in your way and how clearing them will make life so much easier.

You can’t fix fifth dimensional energetic issues using third dimensional modalities.  In other words...there is not enough food, drugs or therapy that can fix a broken soul.  You need Akashic solutions!

Let’s Get Started.  You deserve a magical life!

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